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This article was posted on Newt Gingrich’s site  The article argues that the Declaration is the heart and soul of the Constitution being essential to it.  Enjoy. Bo

Without the Declaration, There Is No Constitution

In a recent column, Paul Abrams at the Huffington Post attempted to negate not only Newt Gingrich’s interpretation of the Declaration of Independence, but also the broader significance of the document itself.

Abrams asserts:

The Declaration of Independence is not the operating manual or contract by which the United States and the people govern themselves. Rather, it is a statement of principles justifying revolution. It contains no blueprint for governing, and could be used to justify anarchism. After all, if one is indeed endowed by a creator with inalienable [sic] rights, then nothing compels someone to accept any form of government.


To restore the spiritual heritage of our country to its proper position we must also restore the Constitution to its proper position as the supreme law of this land.  To restore the Constitution to its proper position we must educate ourselves so to understand how the liberal activists on the Supreme Court of the United States is using political rather than legal decisions to shred the constitution and take our religious and political freedoms away.  Publius, her pen name, has been a lawyer for thirty-five years.  She has documented how the Supreme Court has used the 14 amendment to swallow up the 1st amendment and by so doing to redefine what constitutes an “establishment of religion.”  I want to thank her for allowing me the privilege of posting this article on my blog. This is an insightful article.  Enjoy.

Religious Freedom

By Publius/Huldah




A Primer in Constitutional Law

1. How did it happen that our country became a land where children are forbidden to use the word, “God” in the public schools; public school students are forbidden to say prayers at football games; and religious speech is banned from the public square?  Read on, and I will show you how judges on the U.S. Supreme Court perverted our Constitution, prohibited the Free Exercise of Religion, and abridged our Freedom of Speech.


Again, Publius/Huldah, our resident Constitutional scholar, has provided us with more insight into our Constitution.  In  this article she provides us with the basics of government.  Enjoy.

Basic Concepts of Government.

By Pubius/Huldah

Think NOT that you must have a law degree to understand the Constitution of the United States; or that the lawyers, law professors and black robed judges are the ones who understand it best.  They are the ones who perverted it.  To restore constitutional government, We the People must learn the basic concepts of  “government”; and we must learn the Constitution, elect representatives who will honor their oaths to support it (Art VI, clause 3), and remove from office those who don’t.